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Medicines, generics, Diseases Health Directory

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Medicines are life saving and at times we find difficult to get the exact Brand our Doctor prescribed. has collected price, generic information of most commonly used medicines. Start searching the medicines, equivalent medicines, compare cost of the medicines by our

Medicine Finder Tool.

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Schools are where we start our life. Finding a good school is a great task for your children. And many of you search for the information of the Schools you studied. Liko.In Find a School gives you School information for about 13 million schools in India, 40000 Schools in U.K (united Kingdom) and 30000 Schools in U.S.A. Schools in U.K, U.S.A and India.

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Companies in India and United Kingdom database is the source of Meme3.In- Company data. In India there are more than 1.3 million registered private and public limited companies are there. In the U.K more than 4 million companies are running. View Company profiles of Indian and U.K companies @ Meme.In.

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Bomida.In collects phone number and address of Popular people living in India. More than 10 million address, phone number of people in India can be viewed. This database is useful to find the person or friend you lost contact. Almost 4 million address and phone numbers of business houses, banks, schools and offices are also included in the Indian People Search.

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Indian cities, villages and localities are the main content of this website about India. The location, language, demography, Pin Code, Near by Cities, Airports, Bus and train stations for every place in India are given for more than 2,00,000 places. Address for Post offices and Banks, Bus and train timings also given for Indian Cities.

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Train timings departure and arrival help us a lot on travel. Train give you a list of trains and railway stations in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and China with departure and arrival timings of trains. You can also find Station maps and train routes with a search engine to find trains between stations to guide your itinerary.

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Paaru.In collects business address in United States of America. Most of the business houses, companies, agencies, hospitals, Stores and distributors are listed for your help. You can add your business and help the website grow. If you have any queries please search for an Address in U.S.A @ Paaru.In.

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AskSuba.Com has more than 3 million address listings for more than 1800 major Cities in India. You can search and find a business address, phone number and Email-id for any Industry, Business or office in India from AskSuba.Com.